AV System Integration





Pro-Vision is a member of InfoComm, the world leading audio visual specialist credentials organization. Our expertise enables us to meet the client's requirements in a variety of sectors. Pro-Vision is your choice for your organization’s audio visual requirements in the UAE.

Below is the list of our solutions:

  • Audio Visual Solutions.
  • Control and Digital Media Systems.
    • Pro-Vision is cov­ering Crestron and Extron Digital Media System solution which is the Trend Technology implemented for enterprise market as a single-platform solution to manage, control and distribute multimedia technology for audio visual application such as Auditorium, Board Rooms, Meeting Rooms. Digital Media is the only single wire solution that seamlessly handles true high definition signal routing, switching and long distance distribution of uncompressed High Definition digital signals.
  • Display and Projection Systems.
    • We provide a wide selection of projection and screen equipment for organizations of all sizes. Whether it’s a rear projection, motorized screens, specialized projectors or large format displays we have a full range of equipment available from world leading brands.
  • Digital Signage.
    • Pro-Vision provides scalable, centrally managed digital signage display systems providing an innovative way for organizations in a wide variety of industries to improve the customer and user experience. Some of the applications include:
      • Marketing: promote, upsell, and cross-sell products and services directly to customers in the store. Enhanced customer experience: deliver entertaining and informational content to reduce perceived wait times.
      • Communications and training: Broadcast real-time executive and internal communications; ov­er cost-eff­ective, flexible training options.
      • Information: Share up-to-date schedules, news and emergency messaging right where people need it most, in addition to providing real-time location and directional guidance.
      • Advertising: Sell screen time and real estate to third-party advertisers.
    • Room Booking Systems.
      • The confusion often begins before entering the room itself. An empty room doesn’t always mean an available room. Workers will start a meeting only to get bumped, which leads to a search for an alternative meeting space, a ritual that’s as stressful as it is inefficient. Pro-Vision, cov­ers a solution that manages open and closed collaborative spaces far more eff­ectively than first-come-first-serve. Users can reserve a meeting space knowing there won’t be a hitch, making it easy to get the most out of collaborative spaces. Scheduling can be done via touch screen device installed in your meeting rooms and / or sending invitation from your Microsoft Outlook Calendar.
    • Video Wall.
      • We provide a wide selection of professional video wall indoor and outdoor, for organizations of all sizes for maximum performance and reliability. Whether it’s LCD or LED technology with HD and thin bezels displays and even seamless designed for reliable 24/7 usage.

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