Nearly every office environment has meeting rooms with AV control that are challenging to use. The PowerPoint can’t be displayed onscreen. The videoconferencing system has no audio. The remote for the DVD player can’t be found. Several minutes later an unexpected guest from the IT department arrives to fix the issue. Participants in the meeting yawn and check their phones.

Technophobic workers shouldn’t be blamed and neither should the IT department. If the meeting room had a simpler user interface in the form of a logically laid out and intuitive touch panel, or just one universal AV remote control instead of five – employees would gain confidence in using the AV controls, and the need to call on tech support would decrease significantly.

A typical IT tech responds to 447 conference room technology issues per year, which results in 31 minutes wasted per incident. That’s no way to run an IT department – or a business. Better AV control can change that.

Let’s also look at this from the perspective of the meeting participants. An executive typically spends about 23 hours per week in meetings, and business professionals attend an average of 60 meetings a month, yet 20 percent of meetings run late due to meeting room technology issues. Care to do the math on that?

Pro-Vision is abolishing the purgatory of conference room tech support. Contact us, Ending the AV Tech Support Nightmare, presents several ways that companies can make use of proper AV control to create seamless, efficient meetings that are easier for everyone involved.

Automating meeting rooms could eliminate even more tech support issues. The room can be scheduled via an automation system and the equipment turned on, warmed up and ready to go before anyone enters. The equipment can automatically power down once the meeting ends, which saves energy, too. Automated AV control greatly reduces the chance of user errors, and frees an IT department to do what it’s supposed to be doing. Imagine that.

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